First Mother’s Day Gifts: Thoughtful Presents

First Mother's Day Gifts : Guide

First Mother’s Day gifts are a huge deal, and they’re especially difficult to choose because the first Mother’s Day is the one that will be remembered forever, so you should be extra cautious while selecting a gift.

As rewarding as being a new mom is, it can be the most challenging job there is. Motherhood entails a constant need for and expectation of your help, which can be quite overwhelming. You are constantly concerned about your children, unsure if they will turn out well, unsure if you are doing a decent job, and concerned about all sorts of minor details.

A new mom’s first Mother’s Day gifts need to be unquestionably significant. You may not be able to give her a full night’s sleep, but anything that comes close to giving her a respite will be greatly appreciated. 

While you’ll never fully comprehend what she’s going through, the best Mother’s Day gifts for first time moms show that you at least have good taste and were thoughtful while picking out the gift. After all, with all the effort she puts in, any gift that shows you acknowledge and respect her would be greatly appreciated.

How To Choose First Mother’s Day Gifts?

Relaxing presents such as machine-washable sweaters, personalized pillows, and all the bath products she’ll ever need are among the finest first Mother’s Day gift ideas. The purpose is to spoil her, making it simpler for her to relax and forget about the outer world than ever before.

Here are some strategies to help you choose the most perfect first mother’s day gifts for daughters, wives, girlfriends, sisters, or friends.

  • Give problem-solver gifts a chance to shine – When it comes to choosing gifts for new moms, one of the most common blunders is believing that giving them more items will make them happier. That is incorrect. Adding more positives does not make you happy. It results from the removal of negative factors. So, when it comes to gift-giving, look for a problem in her life that you can fix with your generosity. A baby monitor or a lovely set of baby care could help with this.
  • Personalize it – Opposed to purchasing a generic gift from a store, receiving a personalized gift is more exciting and imaginative. It’s not only lovely for the recipient, but it’s also enjoyable to put together. Nothing is more frustrating than sitting around opening gifts and seeing that someone else has bought your friend or family member the identical sweater you have. So if you get them a personalized gift, you’ll be giving them something unique.
  • If a first-time mother has requested something specific, try to buy it for her as a gift – Unpredictability does not imply thoughtfulness. That may sound basic to our ears, but consider the situation of a mother with a toddler. Why don’t you get her something you know she wants as her first mother’s day gift if she’s developed a list of things she needs?

What Are The Best First Mother’s Day Gifts?

It may seem hard to find Mother’s Day gifts for first time moms, but it isn’t as difficult as you might think. Small gifts, such as a book, a necklace, or even a card, can express your gratitude without costing a fortune. That is all she truly desires. However, if you’re seeking to splurge this holiday season, we’ve got you covered. Check out these thoughtful and imaginative Mother’s Day gift ideas for your friend, cousin, sister, or wife to make her first Mother’s Day very memorable. We’re confident that she’ll love everything on this list.

Personalized First Mother’s Day Gifts

1. The Keepsake Box

  • Satisfaction – 95% 
  • Price – $94.98
  • Rating – 4.8

First mother's day gifts: keepsake box

We understand that baby books can be a little cheesy. However, things change quickly, and a first-time mama will soon forget her kid’s first smile, first crawl, first tooth… This regal memory box is a lovely way to remember those memories and keep them always with her. It includes vertical file folders for documents, acid-free drawers, and small envelopes for that first strand of hair or tooth, as well as graphic labels to help you organize and find these objects years later.

This memory box by Savor will be one of the most memorable 1st Mother’s Day gifts.

  • The best way to keep memories alive
  • Sturdy
  • Hand-made
  • Some moms might not enjoy documenting important moments
  • A little pricey

2. Custom Family Portrait in Colored Pencil

  • Satisfaction – 98% 
  • Price – $199 – $589 
  • Rating – 5

First Mother's Day Gifts: custom family portrait in colored pencil

Do you get excited about receiving gifts because they make you joyful, curious, or motivated? Of course, they do, but most gifts only hold their value for a few days or weeks before the recipient loses interest. When a recipient sees their portrait for the first time, they will experience an unforgettable emotion that they will feel every time they see it again. This emotion will remind them of the amazing and long-lasting gift you gave them.

Why give a new mom a generic gift that she can purchase anywhere as a first mother’s day gift when you can get her something cool and unique that will last a lifetime?

The colored pencil family portrait appears to be one of the best first Mother’s Day gifts possible, lasting as long as the memories it provoked. The portrait will most likely be displayed on her wall or in another prominent location. Then she’ll remember that you gave her a truly wonderful gift every time she sees her and her baby’s portrait.

If you think that a portrait in color pencil doesn’t match your recipient’s home decor, you can also choose options on Photo2Painting from other mediums such as acrylic, oil, charcoal, and watercolor.

  • Unique gift
  • Leaves unforgettable memories
  • Can be drawn/painted from any clear pictu
  • Painting/drawing takes time so you need to plan the gift accordingly
  • A high-budget gift

3. Custom Made Blanket

  • Satisfaction – 88% 
  • Price – $29.99
  • Rating – 4.5

First Mother's Day Gifts: custom made blanket

Mothers can lose sight of their worth by devoting all of their time to their children and never taking time

Who wouldn’t want a warm and fluffy blanket as one of the first mother’s day gifts, especially the one that holds special memories?

A personalized comfort blanket is a unique keepsake and practical item for both mother and child. It’s composed of very soft fleece, so it’ll keep your young one warm and protected. You can also include a baby’s name, birth date, or any other nice message. It would make a lovely 1st Mother’s Day present.

  • Personalized with initials and names
  • Different designs available
  • Fast delivery
  • Sizing might be a little off
  • Customization takes more time

Mother’s Day Gift Ideas For New Moms: Relaxation Gifts

4. Pillow

  • Satisfaction – 84% 
  • Price – $39.99
  • Rating – 4.4


Listen, there’s no better present than a good night’s sleep for a mother. You can’t, however, fall asleep for her. So do whatever you can to improve her sleep using this fantastic pillow. These pillows have a fantastic blend of silky softness and plump firmness, giving modest support and sufficient comfort for the head and neck. It’s just a long way of saying it’s cool and quite comfy, and it works in any sleeping position. The first-time mama will appreciate it as her first mother’s day gift.

  • Holds its shape well
  • Best for neck pain
  • Soft
  • Might not last for a long time
  • Certain sizes might not work for your recipient

5. Self-Care Package

  • Satisfaction – 80% 
  • Price – $49.99
  • Rating – 4.2

First mother's day gifts: self-care package

A new mom is taking care of the baby. So pamper her with this thoughtfully designed bundle of moisturizing soaps, soothing bath bombs, a lavender candle, a stainless steel tumbler, and an emotional card. All of these items were created without the use of harsh chemicals. It’s both practical and thoughtful. As one of her first mother’s day gifts, the new mama will appreciate some “me time.”

  • Stress relieving
  • Relaxing
  • Some moms might not enjoy certain scents
  • Not that big of a variety

6. Neck and Shoulder Massager

  • Satisfaction – 85% 
  • Price – $84.99
  • Rating – 4.4

First mother's day gifts: Neck and Shoulder Massager

It’s difficult to be a first-time mother. This Homedics massager may be able to assist a new mother in unwinding after a long day of caring for a toddler. It stimulates blood circulation, relaxes muscles, and promotes physical and mental health. It has four massage nodes to relieve tired muscles, as well as a built-in heat function to relieve tension. It’s light and portable, so she can use it whenever she wants.

  • Portable
  • Easy to use
  • Massages tissues and tight muscles
  • Might not last for years
  • Buzzing might be irritating for some

First Mother’s Day Gifts: New Mom Essentials

7. Diaper Bag

  • Satisfaction – 96% 
  • Price – $58.99
  • Rating – 4.8

Diaper Bag

A diaper bag is a much-needed accessory for a new mom but unfortunately, almost all of the diaper bags are massive and not that great looking to carry around too. On the other hand, Skip Hop’s diaper backpack is one of the highest-rated on Amazon, and for good reason: Stroller straps, a changing pad, and an insulated pocket set it apart. It’s washable and super-durable, too. With a quilted exterior, its stylishness and lightweightness make a great alternative to the traditional diaper bag that offers hands-free convenience for parents on the go.

  • Comfortable
  • Lots of room
  • Easy to clean
  • Color might be a little off
  • Straps and back are not padded
  • Limited interior compartments for smaller items

8. Baby Monitor

  • Satisfaction – 86% 
  • Price – $135.99
  • Rating – 4.5
Baby Monitor

We consider a baby monitor to be one of the best first mother’s day presents there are. The best baby monitors come with long-lasting batteries, are simple to set up and operate, have crystal-clear sound and image quality, and can last for years. The Eufy SpaceView with 720p camera, which can be tilted up and down and panned from side to side remotely using the monitor’s controls—no need to tiptoe into the baby’s room to change the camera—is one of the best baby monitors on the market.

  • High picture quality
  • Easy to operate
  • Great battery life
  • Volume is a little low
  • Charging cords are short
  • Heavy

9. Baby Wrap Carrier

  • Satisfaction – 87% 
  • Price – $44.99
  • Rating – 4.5

Mother's Day gifts for first time moms: baby wrap carrier

Using a baby wrap is a great joy with many fantastic benefits. From encouraging bonding to helping physical as well as mental development, carrying a little one near creates a connection unlike any other. We think that this baby wrap is one of the most practical first mother’s day gifts you can buy.

Holding a baby where they can hear your heartbeat is soothing and reassuring for them, especially in the early months, because it simulates being in the womb. The capacity to properly connect with a child has a tremendous impact on their mental and emotional development, as well as their communication abilities.

According to research, being able to communicate puts babies in a relaxed condition that is optimal for development. This baby wrap appears to be an ideal present for both mom and baby.

  • Made from 95% cotton and 5% spandex
  • Easy to tie
  • Ergonomic seat for baby
  • Some parents might not find wrap carriers practical
  • Might be overheating for summer

Best First Mother’s Day Gifts: Kitchen Ideas

10. The Charcuterie Board Set

  • Satisfaction – 96% 
  • Price – $49.99
  • Rating – 4.8

The Charcuterie Board Set

This charcuterie board set includes everything a new mom would need for some “me” time at girls’ night. The set comes with a matching board for meat, cheese, and crackers, as well as a round plate with five pieces for bread, fruit, and nuts. The board comes with extra storage for knives, markers, labels, and other equipment. Two dipping sauce bowls are also included, as well as a book with ideas for organizing the board. When visitors arrive, we believe this charcuterie board set will come in handy for a new parent!

  • Comes with a fruit tray, Cheese Board organizer guide, sauce bowl, and extra accessories
  • Portable size with enough storage
  • Made from natural bamboo
  • Not every mom enjoys making charcuterie boards
  • Fruit might stain the tray

11. Waffle-Maker

  • Satisfaction – 95% 
  • Price – $119.95
  • Rating – 4.8

First Mother's Day Gifts: waffle-maker

If a first-time mom enjoys breakfast and wants to cook professional-quality waffles in her own home, this gift is ideal. Because of its double-sided design, she can prepare two waffles at once, cutting down on the time she spends cooking for herself and her family. It also includes a coating that prevents the batter from sticking to the iron, as well as six heat settings for customizing the crispiness of waffles.

Fast and easy breakfast when you have a baby? yes, please!

  • Great heat distribution
  • East to control the temperature
  • Make two waffles at the same time
  • A high-budget gift
  • Might wear out easily

Meaningful First Mother’s Day Gifts

12. Planner

  • Satisfaction – 97% 
  • Price – $24.95
  • Rating – 4.7

First Mother's Day Gifts: Planner

Help a new mom get on track with Oprah’s The Life You Want Planner, whether she’s devoted to manifesting more meaningful work, developing her relationships, or making more time for self-care. This book, which is a part weekly planner and half intention diary, will give her everything she needs to begin a regular practice of intention-setting and self-reflection—and, in the end, to help her live her best life.

This journal can easily be considered as one of the best first mother’s day gifts for daughters, sisters, wives, girlfriends, and friends.

  • Quotes and advice from Oprah are integrated into this planner
  • 12 monthly calendar pages
  • Weekly reflection pages
  • Some moms might not like journaling
  • Takes much time to fill it in

13. Custom Acrylic Portrait

  • Satisfaction – 98% 
  • Price – $199 – $589 
  • Rating – 5
Mother's Day gifts for first time moms : custom acrylic portrait

Don’t let your loved one’s first Mother’s Day slip by unnoticed. Give her a gift that will brighten her day and make it one she will remember for the rest of her life. Giving her a portrait as her first mother’s day gift will create an unforgettable memory, making it one of the nicest gifts you can give!

When we receive something expected, there isn’t quite as much excitement as when we receive something unexpectedly. If you truly want to surprise a new mother, give her a portrait in acrylic. Your loved one will be at a loss for words to express her emotions. A painted portrait has that kind of power. You’ll be able to see the joy in her eyes!

If you think that your recipient wouldn’t like a portrait in acrylic, you can also find other options on Photo2Painting such as watercolor, colored pencil, charcoal, and oil. 

  • Unexpected gift
  • Long-lasting
  • Emotional
  • A high-budget gift
  • Frame for the painting needs extra costs

Our Verdict

We hope that after looking over some of the best first mother’s day gift ideas, you’ve already found something to make your loved one’s first mother’s day extra special. Remember that the cost of a present is never as important as the effort you put into selecting it. It’s a sentiment that never goes out of style and makes us feel special! If you’re looking for gifts for your mother or grandmother, take a look at these articles: Mother’s Day Gifts From Daughter, Mother’s Day Gifts To Grandma.


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