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Photo2Painting and its artists are amazing! My Grandpa passed away right before I graduated from university. He was granma's best friend and we were very close. He has been gone for 10 years this year. It's been hard on my grandma this year and I wanted to give her something special for Christmas. I ordered painting of my grandpa and her.Her reaction spoke volumes! She loved it so much! She was crying and I was crying! It was the most special moment to get to share with her! Very positive feedback from me!

I bought this commission for my son, our house had been burnt 10 years ago and all pictures of ourselves had been burnt as well. So, it is unbelievable what photo2painting’s artist has done - he’s created the exact copy of the only childhood photograph of my son (which I had in old iPad). This painting is truly amazing with so much detail and personality. This was the best gift I could have ever given him. Absolutely beautiful! Highly recommend! Very heartfelt gift. We can pass down for generations!

Once I had some questions and concerns about the ordering process, they quickly responded and answered all my questions! I ordered a painting, and they created a childhood masterpiece! My brother doesn’t have a good and clear childhood photo of him, and Photo2Painting was able to give him that. Any modifications I had, the artist did it well! I am so grateful to the company. I could not wait to give it to my brother for Birthday!! You will not be disappointed at all! The best service ever!

Medium: Oil
Size: 8" x 10"
Painting subject: 1 Dog
Total: $189
Only 20% Deposit due now: $36 Remaining balance after painting approval

What Makes Custom Dog Portraits Special Presents & How To Pick The Best Painting Company

Our dogs are part of our family, right? They protect us, and we protect them. That’s why getting custom dog portraits specifically for your furry pet could be a great idea to express your affection!

Yes, that’s right, your dog deserves special care and appreciation. After all, you go for walks together with your dog, play with them, and talk to them. And most importantly, your dog is your friend in sickness and in health. So, don’t you think that your little friend deserves a thoughtful gift such as a personalized dog portrait painting?

So, if you’re already aware of the importance of dogs in our lives, you should definitely take further steps and order perfectly painted dog portraits as soon as possible! Below, we’ll explain why and provide tips on choosing the right company for this unique gift!

5 reasons why a custom dog portrait is the most memorable gift

  1. To return all the love your dog has given you

Have you ever noticed how your dog makes you happy when you are feeling down? How many times has your puppy waited for you impatiently at the door until you came back? Admit it! Your dog has given so much love to you, and now it’s time to return the favor!

Believe it or not, that’s one of the main reasons why our customers tend to choose custom dog portrait paintings. They can’t wait to show their dogs how much they miss them all the time they live in the house.

  1. To give them the most thoughtful gift

Are you about to celebrate your dog’s birthday but don’t know what to get them? If so, you should know that, other than people, pets also deserve presents on their birthdays. And what’s better, buying your pet a gift will make you happy too! At least that’s what science says.

As a result, dog owners always make sure to get them as thoughtful a gift as possible. So, if you’re out of ideas but want to make your dog feel special, consider getting them unique dog painting portraits.

  1. It’s an ideal addition to your home interior

Now you might think that your dog definitely prefers something tasty as a birthday gift. And you can return your love that way too. But the reasons why you should get portraits of dogs from photos don’t end there!

If you admire art and want to fill your house with decent, yet warm and impressive decorations, you can hardly get anything more stunning than 100% hand-painted dog portrait paintings. We bet you’ll feel satisfied every time you look at your valuable artwork!

  1. To show your dog how much they’ve grown

Our puppies grow up way faster than we could have imagined initially. While you can easily track their growth by looking at their photos, have you ever wondered if your dog understands how much they have grown over time?

That’s another reason why transforming your dog picture to painting could be a great idea. Just put your custom dog portrait somewhere prominent and let your dog look at their old selves every day as they grow up!

  1. To keep the memory of your puppy for a lifetime

Unfortunately, dogs’ average lifespan is about 10–13 years. But you do want to preserve all the heartwarming memories related to your dog forever, don’t you? If so, then you should think about ordering a custom dog portrait painting because it will allow you to capture the most emotional moments of your dog for a lifetime. Our professional artists use the highest quality materials to make sure your custom dog portraits will last a long time!

How to get perfect dog portraits from photos?

If you like the idea of transforming your dog picture into painting, chances are that you want to do it in the best possible way. But did you know that creating the perfect personalized dog painting requires paying attention to several details?

Well, the first thing you should do is choose the right picture. Our talented artists turn your photos into custom dog paintings based on your specific picture. Therefore, you should pick the one where your puppy’s eyes and nose are highlighted. Of course, your photo doesn’t have to be a professional one, but just make sure the focus is on your dog’s face and avoid distractions in the background.

Once you choose your picture, think about the size of the painting. Generally, dog portraits custom come in all sizes and shapes. However, you should determine the size based on your home’s interior. For instance, if you prefer classic painting, order either 11 x 14 or 12 x 16-inch artwork, but if you want your dog to be seen from every corner of your house, you can choose as big a canvas as 48 x 72 inches.

Speaking of perfect artwork, the next thing you should do is to make sure that you’re ordering your painting of dog from photo with the right company. And since there are a lot of painting companies that offer your desired service, don’t forget to take a look at our tips below!

Tips to choose the best custom dog paintings company

  • Customer feedback should be transparent

Does the company have social proof? Do they allow users to give honest and transparent feedback? What do the customer reviews say about the service?

If you want to choose a trustworthy company, keep in mind that these three questions are vital to answer. For instance, if you take a look at our customer feedback, you can easily see that our customers feel happy and satisfied after receiving their dog portraits paintings.

  • The company should have experienced artists

Having various qualified artists with proven experience in different mediums is an absolute obligation too. The reason is that creating custom dog art from photo isn’t an easy process.

In fact, drawing a perfect painting requires plenty of skills, experience, and talent, not to mention the partner;’s motivation. So, don’t forget to take a look at their bios and choose an artist thoughtfully.

  • The website should be easy to navigate

You’re right, the interface of the website doesn’t have anything to do with the quality of the artwork. But the company that takes care of their customers would do anything to simplify the process of ordering custom paintings of dogs, wouldn’t it?

Therefore, if the website is easy enough to navigate and the process of ordering takes only a few clicks, then chances are that this company tries hard to meet its customers’ needs.

  • The company should offer a diverse choice of mediums

Does your chosen company offer custom paintings in all leading art mediums? Do they have oil painting dog portraits? Do they give you a chance to order custom drawings in charcoalpencilwatercolor, or acrylic?

Even if the company has paintings in your preferred medium, make sure that other popular mediums are also available. Why? Because offering diverse services is one of the things that makes a company reliable.

Pros & Cons of Custom Dog Portraits

Before you take the one last step and turn dog photo into painting, we want to make sure that you understand all the advantages and disadvantages of creating a custom dog drawing. So, let’s get started!


  • Your paintings of dogs from photos will be completely personalized. Our artists will create artwork based on your specific photograph and pay attention to all the details and requirements you have.
  • The process of ordering dog canvas art custom is very easy. You’ll just need a few minutes, and after some clicks, your order will be delivered to our painters.
  • Professional dog portraits are created 100% by real artists. They have years of proven experience in the field and will try their best to meet your needs.


  • Since we have a lot of orders, your preferred artist might be busy at the time of your order. However, you can easily choose another professional painter from our international team of gifted artists.
  • Different mediums require different times for drawing. Therefore, if you choose a hard medium like watercolor or a medium that needs more time to dry, you might have to wait for long. However, you should know that it’s worth it!


Which medium is the best for custom dog portraits?

Opinions about which is the best medium for dog paintings usually vary. While some people order their artworks in oil and think that this medium represents the eyes and the face of their dog in the best way, others prefer colored pencil dog portraits which allow artists to focus on tiny details.

How to get hand-painted dog portraits?

If you want to get a hand-painted portrait of your dog as quickly as possible, you should follow this quick and easy process of ordering personalized dog portraits:

  • Click “Get Started”, pick your favorite medium, choose a dog theme, and upload your photo. Then you’ll have to pay a 20% deposit of the total price (see HOW IT WORKS).
  • Let our team edit your photo, and afterward, we’ll deliver it to professional artists. They’ll turn it into a personalized portrait of your dog.
  • Review your painting, approve it if you like, and pay the remaining amount.
  • Finally, you will have to wait until we ship your order and get it to you as soon as possible.

We’d be glad if you could share your feedback with us too!

How do you do digital dog portraits?

The process of creating your customizable dog portrait starts very quickly after you place your order and consists of the following 3 stages:

  1. The artist delineates the photo of your dog using the thinnest brush/pencil.
  2. They outline the figure of your dog.
  3. They fill out the basic zones in your preferred medium and add details until they develop the entire artwork.

How much does turning a dog photo into painting cost?

The price of the custom dog paintings varies based on the size and the medium you choose. However, roughly, a custom painting of your dog will cost between $169 and $649. Generally, we calculate the exact price based on the following criteria:

  • The number of dogs/individuals included in the painting
  • The size of the canvas
  • The type and size of the frame (if included)

By taking a look at our Pricing & Timing page, you can easily calculate the approximate price of your dog painting.


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