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Photo2Painting and its artists are amazing! My Grandpa passed away right before I graduated from university. He was granma's best friend and we were very close. He has been gone for 10 years this year. It's been hard on my grandma this year and I wanted to give her something special for Christmas. I ordered custom watercolor painting of my grandpa and her.Her reaction spoke volumes! She loved it so much! She was crying and I was crying! It was the most special moment to get to share with her! Very positive feedback from me!

I bought this commission for my son, our house had been burnt 10 years ago and all pictures of ourselves had been burnt as well. So, it is unbelievable what photo2painting’s artist has done - he’s created the exact copy of the only childhood photograph of my son (which I had in old iPad). This charcoal painting is truly amazing with so much detail and personality. This was the best gift I could have ever given him. Absolutely beautiful! Highly recommend! Very heartfelt gift. We can pass down for generations!

Once I had some questions and concerns about the ordering process, they quickly responded and answered all my questions! I ordered a painting, and they created a childhood masterpiece! My brother doesn’t have a good and clear childhood photo of him, and Photo2Painting was able to give him that. Any modifications I had, the artist did it well! I am so grateful to the company. I could not wait to give it to my brother for Birthday!! You will not be disappointed at all! The best "picture to watercolor" service ever!

Medium: Charcoal

Size: 8" x 10"

Painting subject: 1 Person

Total: $199

Only 20% Deposit due now: $40 Remaining balance after painting approval

What Makes Custom Charcoal Drawings Remarkable & How to Find the Most Reliable Company

Have you ever wondered what makes custom charcoal drawings stand out from drawings in other mediums?

The answer is simple and straightforward: it’s all-natural and healthy for our health and the environment. But most importantly, charcoal is one of the most versatile mediums that is widely used in the photo-painting industry. That’s why people around the world reach out to us to turn their special picture to charcoal painting and create memories that will last a lifetime.

But do you know how you can choose the right company to get the highest quality charcoal drawings? Want to know whether it’s worth getting your loved ones custom charcoal drawings as presents? Or perhaps you’ve ever wondered what the advantages and disadvantages of charcoal are in comparison to other mediums.

If all these sound familiar, get ready because, in this blog, we’re going to introduce the secrets of custom charcoal drawings!

What is Charcoal Medium?

In simple terms, charcoal is an organic material made from burning wood. Just like graphite, charcoal is considered a form of carbon, and it’s ideal for creating black and white portraits of landscapes. 

Professional artists generally use two specific types of charcoal to create custom charcoal sketches. While the techniques of “vine” and “compressed” charcoal are somehow different from each other, the result is generally pretty much the same. 

In fact, vine charcoal, which is made of burnt willow wood, is used for lighter marks while drawing on the surface. And what’s better, it can be easily erased. By contrast, compressed charcoal makes darker colors and is a bit harder to erase. Besides, usually, charcoal painters need a gum binder to hold compressed charcoal together.

Perhaps not surprisingly, due to its versatile techniques, charcoal is a widely used medium. The simple reason is that people consider it nature’s gift because, unlike other drawing materials, charcoal is completely safe and environmentally friendly. It is no wonder why the number of charcoal artists is growing so rapidly.

Tips to Choose the Best Companies of Photo to Charcoal Paintings

Even if you have already picked your preferred photo and can’t wait to turn it into a custom charcoal drawing, you might have a hard time finding a company that will meet all your needs and create a masterpiece. That’s why we decided to work out certain criteria a company must meet in order to be considered reliable.

So, here are our tips for choosing the best companies to turn your photo into a charcoal painting.

  • Reasonable prices

Did you know that reliable painting companies calculate the prices for their services based on certain factors? For example, in order to determine the charcoal drawing prices, we consider the number of individuals in our customer’s picture and the size of the canvas. Besides, the price goes up if they add a frame too. 

As a result, our prices are reasonable, and you can adjust your charcoal painting based on your budget while ordering it. Similarly, other trustworthy companies always offer suitable prices for their services, instead of having a fixed price for all the kinds of services they offer.

  • Professional painters

When it comes to turning photo to charcoal drawings, a lot depends on the charcoal portrait artists. Believe it or not, it’s not only about mastery of the charcoal technique. Instead, a painter should have an eye on the details and an outstanding imagination to turn your photo into a masterpiece. 

So, choose a company that has not just one or two artists, but a team of professional charcoal drawing artists with proven experience and motivation to meet your needs.

  • Social proof

Have you already checked the customer reviews of the company you’re planning to collaborate with? If you haven’t, now is the right time to check because social proof is a guarantee that they really offer enough satisfying service.

For example, if you check our customer reviews page, you’ll see how happy and excited our customers are and how they enjoy sharing their positive feedback. So, just take a look at the customer feedback, check the social media pages too, and make sure that the company has honest and transparent social proof.

  • Convenient website

How many minutes do you need to find your preferred service on the website? One? Five? Or maybe much more. And if that’s the case, we bet you find the entire process boring and exhausting.

On the contrary, authoritative painting companies understand that easy-to-navigate websites are everything for customers! No one wants to spend hours looking for the gallery of custom charcoal drawings or ordering their favorite product. Thus, reliable companies always offer convenient websites with an eye-catching interface like ours to satisfy and please their customers at the same time!

  • Handy customer support

The availability of the customer support team is another crucial factor when choosing a photo-painting company. Why? Because in the process of ordering your custom charcoal drawings or having them delivered, you might have various questions. What if the answers aren’t anywhere on the website and there’s no one who can answer you? You’re likely to get confused.

That’s why you should choose a painting company that has a friendly customer support team that is available 24/7. That way, you can easily get personalized answers to your questions and get all the necessary information to feel relieved.

Pros & Cons of Custom Charcoal Drawings

Before you make the final decision to transform your photo to charcoal paintings, we want to make sure that you understand all the advantages and disadvantages that the charcoal medium is known for. So, let’s take a look at the pros and cons of charcoal drawings.


  • Shadows look very realistic – The charcoal medium is famous for creating realistic shadows and adding depth to the painting. Therefore, custom charcoal drawings look genuine and true to life.
  • Versatile paintings – Charcoal is considered one of the most versatile art mediums due to its ability to be smudged and blended. As a result, the charcoal medium is ideal for creating depth in black and white paintings. 
  • Fast to work with – Charcoal is the fastest drawing medium, and it doesn’t need any time to dry, just like pencil or color pencil mediums. This means that your personalized charcoal paintings will be ready once the artist finishes drawing. 


  • Colors are diminished – As a matter of fact, charcoal allows only limited colors. Thus, if you’re looking for colorful portraits, go for oil or watercolor mediums instead.
  • Limited focus on details – Charcoal makes it a bit harder to draw small details from the painting exactly as they are. However, charcoal painting artists focus on the details that matter the most.
  • Smudges easily – Although the smudging technique is very helpful in the process of drawing, once the charcoal painting is finished, you need to be careful because this medium is prone to smudging.

Custom Charcoal Portraits as Gifts – Is It Worth It?

Are you looking for an exclusive present to surprise your loved ones on special dates? Then, ordering the personalized charcoal drawing portrait is indeed a great idea. Regardless of their interests, preferences, or home interior, chances are high that our hand-drawn custom charcoal painting will inspire them!

Just take a look at our gallery of custom charcoal drawings and you’ll easily realize why it’s worth it to celebrate the special moments of your life with personalized paintings. Whether it’s your family member, friend, or just an acquaintance, we bet that your beloved people will remember your thoughtful present for a lifetime!


How do you do charcoal portraits?

Our custom charcoal paintings are completely hand-drawn by qualified painters. After ordering your photo to charcoal painting, they need to go through the following process:

  • Delineating your photograph using the thinnest brush or pencil.
  • Outlining the figure lines in the picture with light color and filling the basic zones.
  • Adding extra details using charcoal and developing the entire artwork.

Keep in mind that you can reach out to our customer support team if you want to get a glimpse of the progress of your order.

How much does a hand-drawn charcoal drawing portrait cost?

Considering that different types of hand-drawn paintings require different amounts of effort from our charcoal artists, the charcoal painting price depends on three major factors: 

  • The size of the canvas
  • The number of individuals in the painting
  • The size of the frame (if included)

But to be more exact, the price roughly varies from $169 to $649. Therefore, you can easily choose the most suitable charcoal drawing based on your budget.

Can a canvas be used as a surface for charcoal drawing?

Yes! Our professional artists use canvas for most of the custom charcoal portraits, and it makes an amazing surface for charcoal drawings. The reason is that the grain of the canvas helps the charcoal adhere well. Besides, charcoal on canvas seems much more vibrant and clear. 

Therefore, using canvas is definitely a better option than paper or other traditional surfaces for charcoal drawings.

Can I preview the charcoal painting before receiving it?

Certainly! Meeting our customers’ needs is a priority for us. That’s why we offer an opportunity to preview your custom charcoal painting after it’s done by one of our best charcoal artists. And guess what? 

We aren’t going to finalize the process until you approve the painting. This means you’ll have the final say until we get the drawing ready for shipment. 


We NEVER share with third parties!