50th Birthday Gift Ideas for Women – 15 Gifts to Inspire Her

50th birthday gift ideas for women

A woman you care about is reaching a half-century milestone, and you’re in a rush to explore 50th birthday gift ideas for women. Does this scenario look familiar? Then you probably aim to choose the most thoughtful birthday gifts for her, and we’re about to help! 

It doesn’t matter whether she’s your mom, your grandma, a woman you love, your close friend, or just someone you respect, she deserves a memorable present. Why? Because my 50th birthday is really a big deal! It’s a milestone that’s worth celebrating. Besides, every woman wants to feel special, and she is not an exception. Therefore, exploring heartfelt woman 50th birthday gift ideas is the right step!

She might hate the idea of turning 50, or she might be excited about it. But in either case, you need to transform this one special day into an unforgettable anniversary. As a result, we did deep research and found the most thoughtful gifts for 50th birthday woman and sorted them from personalized canvas to self-care, luxury, and kitchen presents. But before you move on, let’s take a look at these tips to reveal the secrets of choosing the perfect birthday presents

5 Tips to Choose a Unique Gifts for 50 Year Old Woman

If recent trends of woman 50th birthday gift ideas for female friend make you feel confused, then you might need to realize that choosing a present isn’t all about money! At least, that’s what the psychology behind gift-giving says. So, before you take a step forward and start imagining possible scenarios of surprising her with your unforgettable gifts, try to consider these simple tips for picking the magical present for her 50th birthday.

  1. Be generous – How can a 50th birthday be special if you don’t try to be generous? You might be short on budget this time, but surprising her with small but numerous heartwarming gifts is probably worth it!
  2. Include yourself – Making the gift personal is what makes it special in the first place. Try to add personal details to your gift or choose one of our personalized 50th birthday gifts for women to fascinate them. 
  3. Give them what they want – You don’t need to search for hundreds of thousands of gift ideas if she’s already told you she’s excited about one particular thing or idea. Simply, give her things she wants to have and doesn’t have. 
  4. Don’t forget past gifts – Even if your 49th birthday gift made her burst into tears of happiness, don’t ever repeat the same gift. Use your imagination and try to surprise her with something new and even better than past gifts. 
  5. Consider their hobbies  – Our hobbies say a lot about our personality. So, taking her interests into account might help you get her the most thoughtful gift ever. 

Top 50th Birthday Gift Ideas for Women in 2021

Did you know that achieving half a century feels different from everything she has ever felt before? Fortunately, you can easily participate in her new sensations by selecting an unforgettable 50th birthday gift! Take a look at the list of 50th birthday gift ideas for women and don’t forget to pick your favorite. 

Personalized 50th Birthday Gifts for Women

1. 50th Birthday Photo Plate

  • Satisfaction – 93%
  • Price – $26
  • Rating – 4.3 stars
Gifts for 50 year old woman: 50th Birthday Photo Plate

Sometimes you don’t need to spend a fortune in order to please your special woman on her birthday. If you prefer personalized gifts for 50 year old woman instead of luxury ones, then getting her a 50th birthday photo plate could be a great idea. 

This personalized plate comes with a particular picture that you pick and a special message for your woman. You can also add their birth date and attach a heartfelt message. As a result, chances are high that she will keep this gift for a lifetime. Most importantly, this plate isn’t only a souvenir, but they can also use it as a regular plate for special meals. 

  • It can be used either as a plate or as a souvenir
  • Gift wrap is available
  • You can add a birth date
  • Plate stand isn’t included
  • Limited area for personalized text

2. Customized Color Pencil Drawing

  • Satisfaction – 98%
  • Price – $199 – $589
  • Rating – 5 stars

Having art at home is accompanied by plenty of advantages. However, it’s especially beneficial if you have a personalized painting of yourself, your loved ones, or your family. That’s why we included a customized color pencil drawing in this list of unique 50th birthday gifts for women. As a result, every time she looks at the painting, it will remind her of you! 

Photo2painting allows you to get color pencil drawing for her in your preferred size and shape. Depending on your goal, you can choose a picture of her either alone, with you, or with other people. Our professional artists will turn it into a stunning pencil drawing. But if pencil paintings aren’t something for her, you can also order a painting of different mediums such as watercolor, oil, or charcoal.

  • A wide choice of the painting size
  • An ability to choose various mediums
  • Painting is done by a professional artist
  • Designing a painting requires some time
  • Choosing a frame isn’t free

3. Personalized Family Names Necklace

  • Satisfaction – 95%
  • Price – £75
  • Rating – 4.6 stars
gifts for 50th birthday woman: Personalized Family Names Necklace

If a woman who turns 50 is your mother or wife, then choosing this personalized family name necklace is indeed a perfect idea. Based on the customer’s preferences of our woman 50th birthday gift ideas, this beautiful necklace is a real conqueror. The reason is that regardless of age, women adore jewelry

The Personalised Family Names Necklace allows you to add three names to a ring to help her keep her loved ones close. You can choose the rings in three different colors: sterling silver, yellow gold plate, or rose gold plate. Choosing a chain length is also up to you. Besides, if you want to make her feel extra special, you can also include a gift sleeve or add “Something Lovely for Someone Lovely”.

  • Various sizes and colors are available
  • You can add a special message
  • Ability to include three different names
  • Available only in limited countries
  • Adding a gift sleeve isn’t free

Kitchen Gifts for 50th Birthday Woman

4. Tea from Around the World Set

  • Satisfaction – 94%
  • Price – $75
  • Rating – 4.4 stars
50th birthday gifts for women: 4. Tea from Around the World Set

Tea-lovers especially adore the idea of receiving this diverse set of Tea from Around the World. This set will give her an opportunity to explore new flavors from different corners of the world that she’s never tasted before. Therefore, if you’re looking for woman 50th birthday gift ideas for female friend who loves tea, consider this small but precious present. 

The tea set contains ten different loose leaf teas. From Genmaicha’s roasted rice to Long Jing’s green tea with chestnut aroma, she can find everything in this tea set. Therefore, the tea set will last for a long time. The present is produced in Paris and includes an informative guide about the background information of particular tea. 

  • Produced by a loyal company Palais Des Thes
  • Includes all kinds of tea: black, green, and fruit tea
  • The tea set is accompanied by a descriptive guide
  • You can’t choose tea types on your own
  • Isn’t available outside the US

5. One Bowl Bread Maker

  • Satisfaction – 93%
  • Price – $45
  • Rating – 4.0 stars
woman 50th birthday gift ideas: One Bowl Bread Maker

Who doesn’t love the fantastic smell of freshly-baked bread at home? People who fancy cooking are well-aware of the many advantages modern kitchen appliances carry. Therefore, if you’re looking for special 50th birthday gift ideas for women who love cooking, choosing this one bowl bread maker might be a great idea. 

Using this silicone bread bowl, she will be able to mix, rise, knead, and bake at the same time. Sounds convenient, right? For extra comfort, the bread maker is dishwasher and oven safe. Getting her this kitchen gadget will be a sign that you admire her cooking skills. And also, you will encourage her to make bread at home without any mess!

  • Made from high-quality silicon
  • Dishwasher and oven safe
  • Keeps bread from drying out
  • Standard shipping takes 3-7 days
  • The gift isn’t wrapped up

6. Automatic Pan Stirrer with Timer

  • Satisfaction – 96%
  • Price – $25
  • Rating – 4.7 stars
50th birthday gift ideas for women: Pan Stirrer with Timer

Do you feel that a woman you love finds it hard to concentrate while using tricky recipes to serve tasty meals? Then, here’s another convenient gadget for those who want to pick kitchen gifts for 50 year old woman. The Automatic Pan Stirrer with Timer is everything she needs to avoid burning down delicious meals! 

The main idea behind this handy kitchen gadget is to put the automatic stirrer to work and wait until it calls. And while her meal is in the oven, she can take care of other things or relax. The device is very easy to use and is ideal as a low-budget present.

  • A low-budget present
  • A convenient kitchen gadget
  • Easy to store
  • It can’t be used with boiling liquid
  • Batteries aren’t included

Luxury Gifts for 50 Year Old Woman

7. Outdoor Wine Table

  • Satisfaction – 98%
  • Price – $60
  • Rating – 4.7 stars
woman 50th birthday gift ideas for female friend: Outdoor Wine Table

50 is an age when luxury gifts for home use become more essential than ever. That’s why we consider the Outdoor Wine Table one of the best 50th birthday gift ideas for women. The idea of this small and beautiful garden gadget belongs to Michael and Ania Shepler, a couple from Pennsylvania. They usually aim to create practical and affordable items that make our daily lives more comfortable.

This outdoor collapsible table is designed to hold everything that’s needed for an ideal picnic. Specifically, it holds two glasses, a wine bottle, and a plate. We recommend getting this 50th present for a woman who adores outdoor meals. Don’t forget to fill the table with high-quality wine to give a toast and wish her the happiest birthday ever.

  • A handmade item
  • Created with natural products
  • Convenient for garden or picnics
  • She might not understand the purpose initially
  • A bit difficult to assemble

8. Spa Day Package

  • Satisfaction – 98%
  • Price – $149 – 570
  • Rating – 5.0 stars
Spa Day Package

It’s hard to find a single woman around the world who hasn’t dreamt about a relaxing facial massage or refreshing spa treatment. Women at the age of 50 especially need to take a break from having a family and feel that they’re a woman after all! That’s why we included the Spa Day Package in the list of woman 50th birthday gift ideas for female friend, a mother, a wife, or any woman you care about. 

Virgin Experience offers various types of spa day packages, Custom Facial, Deep Tissue Massage, or Manicure & Pedicure treatment. All you need to do is to choose an available date and book the treatment a long time before her birthday. That way, you’ll definitely surprise her!

  • A wide range of massage options
  • Experienced therapists
  • No expiration date
  • A robe, slippers, and towel will be provided
  • Difficulty to find an available date
  • A bit more expensive than usual gifts

9. Sparkling Water and Soda Maker

  • Satisfaction – 94%
  • Price – $86.95
  • Rating – 4.3 stars
Gifts for 50 year old woman: Sparkling Water and Soda Maker

Have you ever tasted homemade soda? If you haven’t, Sparkling Water and Soda Maker from DrinkMate can easily convince you that it’s definitely worth a try. This soda maker is an amazing option among 50th birthday gifts for women who love beverages and modern-day gadgets. 

It doesn’t matter what kind of beverages you have in your fridge, this luxury device can quickly turn them into sparkling water. It’s easy to use and clean doesn’t require any electricity or batteries and helps you to even re-carbohydrate any flat drink. In simple words, it’s everything to inspire a creative woman!

  • Simple to use
  • Ideal for cocktail parties
  • It doesn’t require electricity or batteries
  • It doesn’t work with all CO2 cylinders
  • Not a healthy beverage option

Self-Care 50th Birthday Gifts for Women

10. Essential Oils Gift Set

  • Satisfaction – 96%
  • Price – $9.99
  • Rating – 4.6 stars
Essential Oils Gift Set

What is better than expressing your love with unique self-care gifts for 50th birthday woman? The best thing about the Essential Oils Gift Set from Laguna Moon is that it’s multifunctional. Therefore, a woman you love can use it in the process of massage or while taking a shower. Even more, she can use it as an air diffuser at home. Or maybe it’s better if you turn it into a personalized aroma candle.

The gift set contains six different bottles of aromatherapy oils. Specifically, the box contains lemongrass, peppermint, orange, lavender, eucalyptus, and tea tree oils. Most importantly, this essential oil gift set is made from absolutely natural products, and it’s the most affordable self-care gift for a woman’s 50th birthday in 2021.

  • Natural scents
  • Suitable either for a bath, massage, diffuser, or DIY candle
  • Excellent for aromatherapy
  • The package isn’t wrapped as a gift
  • No option for choosing your favorite aromas

11. Gemstone Facial Rollers

  • Satisfaction – 90%
  • Price – $36-44
  • Rating – 3.8 stars
Gemstone Facial Rollers

A gemstone facial roller is a real trend in 2021’s beauty industry. It’s no surprise that she’s near the top of the list of 50th birthday gift ideas for women who enjoy an everyday skincare routine. However, she’s turning 50! It’s probably been so long since she practiced the skincare routine every day and she doesn’t want it to be so routine anymore. That’s why she needs these stunning facial rollers for her 50th birthday!

The Gemstone Facial Rollers are inspired by a Chinese practice called gua sha. It’s a simple, easy-to-use, and convenient item for increasing blood circulation and reducing redness. Thanks to this product, her skin-care products will absorb completely. As a result, it will definitely become an integral part of her daily skincare procedure!

  • Three types of rollers are available
  • Convenient addition to daily skincare
  • Health benefits
  • She may already have a roller
  • The item doesn’t come in a box

12. Waffle Robe

  • Satisfaction – 98%
  • Price – $98
  • Rating – 5 stars
gifts for 50th birthday woman: waffle robe

This high-quality waffle robe is indeed one of the best luxury gifts for 50 year old woman on her birthday. It’s a lightweight, stylish, fast drying, and convenient robe, made from 100% natural Turkish cotton. 

The robe comes in six different colors. It features wide sleeves with adjustable cuffs and convenient pockets. It can be used either after a shower or as a spa-at-home experience. The waffle pattern provides a uniquely smooth texture, which will make her post-shower experience very relaxing.

  • Available in all sizes
  • 100% natural material
  • Adjustable tie waist
  • Rather expensive for a robe
  • Colorful robes are limited in quantity

Memorable Gift Ideas for a Woman’s 50th Birthday

13. Custom Family Portrait Magnet

  • Satisfaction – 97%
  • Price – $24.45
  • Rating – 4.8 stars
Custom Family Portrait Magnet

You can hardly find a more unique gift among the 50th birthday gift ideas for women than this custom family portrait magnet from UseOnesBeam. The family magnet is suitable either as a birthday gift, at Christmas, or on Mother’s Day. It’s perfect for people of any gender and age. As a result, this item is a star seller on Etsy.

If you want to inspire a woman with a beautiful family on her 50th birthday, try this customized, handmade magnet. It’s made out of three layers of different types of wood and contains acrylic portraits. So, just select two or three high-quality photos of her family, send them in the mail, and wait patiently to surprise her.

  • An opportunity to add up to 6 faces
  • Handmade item
  • Gift wrapping is available
  • Shipping isn’t free
  • It takes at least 5-10 working days before it is shipped

14. Pet Portrait

  • Satisfaction – 97%
  • Price – $199 – $589
  • Rating – 5 stars
Pet Portrait

A customized pet portrait is among the best possible gifts for 50th birthday woman who adores pets. It doesn’t matter whether she is a cat or a dog lover, Photo2Painting offers different categories for custom dog and cat portraits

The process of ordering is very easy. You just need to choose the right size, pick the most precious photo of her pets, and let our professional artists turn them into valuable paintings. Try to consider the interior of her house and make the right choice among watercolor, oil, charcoal, pencil, or acrylic paintings.

  • Made with high-quality materials
  • Ability to preview the painting
  • A wide range of mediums
  • High-budget present (but you can get a 50% discount)
  • Limited payment options

15. 1971 Vintage Wine Glass

  • Satisfaction – 89%
  • Price – $15.99
  • Rating – 3.6 stars
50th birthday gift ideas for women: 1971 Vintage Wine Glass

Vintage lovers will adore the idea of receiving the 1971 stemless wine glass as a birthday present. That’s why we finished our list of 50th birthday gift ideas for women with this popular vintage item. It’s a low-budget but very memorable gift for a woman who’s about to celebrate her 50th birthday. 

If you haven’t figured it out yet, 1971 is the year she was born! And since it’s a precious milestone that deserves celebration, getting her a vintage glass with her birth year is a wonderful idea. This item can be used either as a souvenir or as real glass. Keep in mind that aside from wine glasses, HUG (Humor Us Goods) also offers the 1971 Beer Glass, the 1971 Stainless Steel Tumbler, and the 1971 Stainless Steel Tumbler.

  • Includes her birth year
  • Four options are available
  • Low-budget gift
  • The fragile item for transportation
  • Limited capacity

Our Verdict

As you can see, the choice for your loved ones’ 50th birthday is very diverse. As you can see, the choice for your loved ones’ 50th birthday is very diverse. From simple, low-cost gifts like the Essential Oils gift set to more opulent ones like the Waffle Robe, our list of woman 50th birthday gift ideas has something for everyone. No matter which gift is your favorite, try to keep in mind that your 50th birthday is special. So, take your time, choose a thoughtful gift, and don’t forget to turn her 50th anniversary into an unforgettable event!


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