50th Birthday Gifts for Dad – Fancy Things He’ll Definitely Use

50th Birthday Gifts for Dad

No matter how much you love your dad, choosing special 50th birthday gifts for dad isn’t an easy task. Why? The reasons vary. First of all, your dad doesn’t turn 50 every day. It’s a completely new milestone that deserves a unique celebration. But also, regardless of age, daughters always want to express their gratitude by getting their fathers heartwarming presents.

No one doubts the importance of father-daughter relationships. But what if you already bought him everything you could have possibly thought of? What if your dad already has everything he ever wanted? Or maybe he doesn’t even like receiving gifts and asked you not to do so. If that’s the case, you might be facing the dilemma of expressing your love and strengthening your bond on your dad’s 50th birthday. And that’s why we handpicked the 14 most memorable 50th birthday gifts for dad from daughter that will please any dad in the world! 

However, before getting inspired by our special 50th birthday gifts for dad, let’s first find out how to choose the most thoughtful presents. That way, you won’t miss anything! 

Tips for Choosing Memorable 50th Birthday Gifts for Dad

Who doesn’t like receiving gifts? But when it comes to getting someone a present, things get a bit more complicated. Especially, if this “someone” is as important a person in your life, as your dad. Surprisingly, some people find receiving gifts harder than giving them

Even if it applies to you, you should still consider taking a look at the quick tips for choosing unbelievably good 50th birthday gifts for dad. Why? Because, believe it or not, the psychology behind gift-giving actually works! 

  • Celebrate your relationship – Chances are high that throughout these many years, you’ve already given your dad everything he wanted. Now it’s time to celebrate your special relationship! If you’re wondering how, consider personalizing your presents by adding some specific details only you and your dad are aware of. And if you didn’t know it before, personalization is a great way to appreciate your and your dad’s emotional bond!
  • Give him something unexpected – However cliché it might sound, making surprises for our beloved people does work! Therefore, you should try and consider unexpected 50th birthday gift ideas for dad to surprise him. 
  • Recall your conversations – Are you aware of what is going on in your dad’s life? What does he dream about? What is something he misses? Maybe he even dropped some hints to you and other family members about his birthday. Try to recall your small talks and don’t disappoint him on his 50th birthday!
  • Put all your effort – Even if you don’t spend too much money on your dad’s gift, spending enough time is definitely worth it! In fact, that’s how you can choose thoughtful 50th birthday gifts for dad and that’s how you can make him proud!

Top 14 50th Birthday Gift Ideas for Dad in 2021

Now as you already know the tips and tricks for choosing the perfect 50th birthday gifts, it’s time to check out the list of the most thoughtful birthday gift ideas for your dad’s new milestone! Don’t worry if you’re not sure about his preferences because we sorted our 14 handpicked gifts into specific categories such as personalized, useful, luxury, stylish, and memorable presents. So, let’s get started! 

Special 50th Birthday Gift Ideas for Dad from Daughter

1. Personalized Pocket Knife

  • Satisfaction – 96%
  • Price – $20-23
  • Rating – 4.6 stars
50th birthday gifts for dad from daughter: Personalized Pocket Knife

Regardless of your dad’s hobbies, a pocket knife is one of the best 50th birthday gifts for dad from daughter. Even more – it’s twice as valuable if you include the personalization option and point out that he’s the best dad ever. 

This pocket knife is made of high-quality, sharp, and powerful materials. The wooden handle and smooth texture give the knife a decent look. And most importantly, it’s a multifunctional knife, meaning that your father can use it either as a knife, as a glass breaker, or as a can opener.

  • Multifunctional and practical
  • Ability to add a personalized caption
  • Various designs are available
  • This item is a little heavy
  • It’s not wrapped as a gift

2. Custom Charcoal Drawing

  • Satisfaction – 98%
  • Price – $189-589
  • Rating – 5 stars
50th birthday gifts for dad: Custom Charcoal Drawing

Based on our customer reviews, a custom charcoal drawing isn’t only among the good 50th birthday gifts for dad. In fact, it’s close to an ideal present! The reason is simple: you can easily choose a special picture from your family album. Consequently, our professional artists will turn it into a valuable painting! 

Therefore, ordering a charcoal drawing is the best idea if you’re looking for special and practical presents at the same time. Aside from all the benefits that charcoal paintings have, this medium is suitable for most interior types. Still, if you know that oil, watercolor, or color pencil paintings will satisfy your dad even more, you can easily go for different mediums!

  • A beautiful addition to every type of interior
  • High-quality materials
  • Made by professional artists
  • Ordering a frame requires extra charges
  • Drawing a painting takes some time

3. Personalized Leather Bracelet

  • Satisfaction – 94%
  • Price – $35
  • Rating – 4 stars
50th birthday gifts for dad from daughter: Personalized Leather Bracelet

Sometimes simple words aren’t enough to express your gratitude to your dad. If you want to show him how much he means to you, consider ordering this personalized bracelet from our list of the most memorable 50th birthday gifts for dad. 

This stylish bracelet is made from completely natural leather and comes in beautifully contrasting colors. The most amazing thing about this gift is that personalization is free and you can add up to 120 characters to express your warmth. Shipping is also very fast and doesn’t require any additional costs. As a result, this leather bracelet is a great way to represent your love for your dad.

  • Personalization is free of charge
  • Fast shipping
  • High-quality materials
  • Characters for messages are limited
  • Size options aren’t available

Useful 50th Birthday Gifts for Dad

4. Wooden Phone Docking Station

  • Satisfaction – 95%
  • Price – $44-45
  • Rating – 4.4 stars
Good 50th birthday gifts for dad: Wooden Phone Docking Station

Unlike women, who never hesitate to spend money on things they’ll never use, men usually prefer more practical things. That’s why we created an entire section for useful 50th birthday gift ideas for dad that he’ll actually use. 

This wooden docking station is designed especially for men who adore order and organization. It includes a mobile phone charging station, a wallet stand, a watch organizer, a glasses station, and a key holder. Therefore, it has space for pretty much everything your father carries with him, right? Other than the fact that it’s very easy to assemble, it will allow you to remind yourself of your dad every time he uses this practical item.

  • A variety of captions are available
  • It fits into both classical and modern interiors
  • Easy to assemble and use
  • A little bit heavy to carry
  • Comes without a package

5. Growler and Craft Beverage Dispenser

  • Satisfaction – 93%
  • Price – $79.20
  • Rating – 3.9 stars
Growler and Craft Beverage Dispenser

Modern companies work hard to produce new and advanced beverage gadgets and accessories. But this growler and craft beverage dispenser steadily maintains its spot among the most popular 50th birthday gifts for dad from daughter. If your dad cares about keeping his beverages fresh and natural for weeks, getting him this excellent dispenser could be a great idea!

No matter whether he enjoys drinking beer, cola, apple cider, or other beverages, this dispenser is suitable for most drinks. The main purpose of this convenient device is to keep your beverages cool and carbonated for 7-9 hours. Besides, it’s an affordable and practical option for everyone who wants to stay hydrated while traveling or working at the office.

  • Keeps drinks cold for 7-9 hours
  • Easy to carry wherever you go
  • Features an automatic carbonation cap
  • Sizes differ in price too much
  • It doesn’t include a specific cup

6. Insulated Stainless Steel Tumbler

  • Satisfaction – 93%
  • Price – $79.20
  • Rating – 3.9 stars
50th birthday gifts for dad: Insulated Stainless Steel Tumbler

The insulated stainless steel tumbler is another great idea among the 50th birthday gifts for dad who enjoys drinking fresh beverages. But this time it will help him keep his beverages either cold or hot. The personalized caption will make him feel special every day he drinks his coffee, tea, or alcoholic beverages from this tumbler. As a result, your dad will likely keep this small tumbler with him wherever he goes throughout the day!

  • Specially designed for fathers
  • Two different sizes are available
  • Keeps beverages either hot or cold
  • Only two colors are available
  • It’s not suitable for all car beverage holders

Luxury 50th Birthday Gifts for Dad

7. Waterman Expert Fountain Pen

  • Satisfaction – 94%
  • Price – $38-175
  • Rating – 4.3 stars
50th birthday gift ideas for dad: Waterman Expert Fountain Pen

Luxury pens have always been among the most special 50th birthday gift ideas for dad either from daughters, sons, friends, or wives. The reason is that most people need pens in their everyday routine. However, by purchasing this premium-quality smooth and consistent stainless steel for your father, you can easily express gratitude and remind him how much you care about him every time he uses it!

The fact that this pen comes in a dark blue Waterman gift box, makes it even more convenient as a birthday present.

  • Various sizes, colors, and shapes are available
  • The structure is very smooth and sophisticated
  • It comes in a special gift box
  • Some designs aren’t available anymore
  • Prices significantly differ by designs

8. Neck Massager

  • Satisfaction – 93%
  • Price – $45.99
  • Rating – 4.1 stars
50th birthday gifts for dad from daughter: neck massager

If you notice that your father has a stressful job and needs to relax, ordering this neck massager for him can be a real sign that you care about his general well-being. Therefore, this neck massager from MoCuishle Store is among the most popular 50th birthday gifts for dad from daughter.

This device is an ideal way to receive professional treatment right at home instead of spending your earnings on spa centers. Just keep in mind to explain to your dad how to target troubled spots in your neck to help him get the best results.

  • Money-back guarantee for 90 days
  • Handy customer service
  • 4D auto-reverse option included
  • It’s not very easy to use
  • It may cause pain in the beginning

9. Whiskey Decanter with Antique Ship

  • Satisfaction – 97%
  • Price – $119.95
  • Rating – 4.6 stars
Whiskey Decanter with Antique Ship

If you’re aiming to get your father a luxury and sophisticated present that he’ll fall in love with immediately, think about ordering this whiskey decanter with an antique ship. The decanter comes with four globe glasses and a special ship dispenser. It’s ideal for various alcoholic beverages, including wine or whiskey. Just don’t forget to feel the dispenser with your dad’s favorite drink to show him how much you care about his interests!

  • It’s a handmade decanter
  • Antique design
  • Amazon’s best-seller
  • It must be hand washed
  • The decanter needs to be at least half full

Stylish 50th Birthday Gift Ideas for Dad

10. Beard Grooming & Trimming Kit

  • Satisfaction – 92%
  • Price – $29.97
  • Rating – 4.1 stars
Good 50th birthday gifts for dad: Beard Grooming & Trimming Kit

Even if your father says that he doesn’t care about fashion and beauty products, he will definitely like this beard grooming and trimming kit! The fact that this kit comes packed in a luxury premium gift box and contains as many as six different products is exactly why it’s among the good 50th birthday gifts for dad. However, if your dad is not into grooming, make sure to find out how each product works and explain its benefits to your dad!

  • Six different products in one package
  • It’s already wrapped up as a present
  • Made from organic ingredients only
  • Only for men with beard
  • Features a specific smell

11. Stainless Steel Quartz Watch

  • Satisfaction – 95%
  • Price – $94.99
  • Rating – 4.4 stars
50th birthday gift ideas for dad from daughter: Stainless Steel Quartz Watch

It’s hard to find a single man who will refuse a new watch as a gift. Your dad is probably no exception. Since Fossil has always been among the most popular and high-quality watch brands worldwide, getting this particular stainless steel quartz chronograph watch as 50th birthday gifts for dad might sound like a great option. Keep in mind that even though it’s a bit expensive, thanks to its high quality, your dad will keep this gift for a lifetime!

  • Water-resistant
  • Ability to personalize the watch
  • Features “always-on” display
  • A little bit expensive than usual watches
  • Different sizes aren’t available

Memorable 50th Birthday Gifts for Dad from Daughter

12. Custom Hip Flask For Dad

  • Satisfaction – 91%
  • Price – $19.89 – 22.99
  • Rating – 4 stars
Custom Hip Flask For Dad

Hip flasks are among the most common 50th birthday gift ideas for dad from daughter worldwide. Still, as Amazon and other online stores are full of hip flasks of various types and shapes, it’s difficult to choose the one that will surprise your dad on his 50th birthday. The thing that makes this particular hip flask different is that you can take part in creating its unique design yourself.

In fact, you can engrave your desired message on the flask to make sure your dad never forgets your gift. However, if you don’t feel creative enough, the K Kenon store already has particular messages either for dad, boyfriend, or husband. So, if your partner feels jealous after you order this item for your dad, think about getting him one too!

  • Made from durable leather
  • Unique and personalized design
  • Trendy gift idea
  • He may already have one
  • Not for dads who don’t like alcohol

13. Custom Landscape Painting

  • Satisfaction
  • Satisfaction – 99%
  • Price – $189-589
  • Rating – 4.9 stars
Custom Landscape Painting

If your father enjoys art, getting him our custom landscape painting could be a great idea as 50th birthday gifts for dad. All of our paintings are created with the lightest quality materials of your choice, including charcoal, oil, watercolor, acrylic, or color pencils.

We recommend choosing a picture of your dad’s favorite place, and our professional artists will soon turn it into a stunning painting. Keep in mind that prices usually vary depending on the size of your painting, but once you see the quality, you’ll eventually realize that it’s definitely worth it!

  • Free shipping and 100% refund
  • Various mediums are available
  • Ability to preview the painting before receiving it
  • Turning your photo into a painting takes some time
  • The price depends on the size of your painting

14. 3D Crystal Picture

  • Satisfaction – 94%
  • Price – $119
  • Rating – 4.3 stars
50th birthday gifts for dad: 3D Crystal Picture

Family pictures are often among the most popular 50th birthday gifts for dad who care about their families. However, since the 50th birthday is a special milestone, getting him a simple picture of your family members isn’t the best idea.

Still, if you’re excited about the idea of ordering a memorable gift for your dad’s 50th milestone, you should consider ordering this 3D crystal picture. The 3D crystal is completely personalized with your own picture and custom engraving. It’s a unique, simple, and memorable present idea at the same time!

  • Ability to customize and personalize the picture
  • Features a unique design
  • Contains a free led base
  • A high-budget gift
  • A fragile item

Our Verdict

We hope you’ve already chosen a special present from our extensive list of unique 50th birthday gift ideas for dad from daughter in 2021. Don’t forget to keep in mind our small gift-giving tips while choosing a gift. But most importantly, no matter what kind of gift you’re going to give your father, express your warm emotions and try to make him realize that you and your dad’s emotional bond is much more valuable than every single gift in the world!


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